Thoughts on “Rabbit Proof Fence” & Other Historical Examples of Structural Oppression

Another amazing blog from my student, Noreen Raja!

The Power of Resilient Living

I wanted to touch on the deep impacts of watching the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence.”   I knew a little about this shameful history from some prior research and movies I have seen.  “Australia,” although a fiction film, is roughly based what happened to the “stolen generations.”  I think it is appalling that every indigenous population I have studied has been conquered by settlers and decimated in a cultural, social, and/or physical sense.   The abhorrent acts of the oppressor make me ashamed.


thVPG2XLNI.jpg” Rabbit Proof Fence”

I am in awe of Molly’s bravery and stamina in “Rabbit Proof Fence.”  Her story is a testament to the struggle and resilience of her oppressed people.  It was shocking in the end to read about how she kept getting sent away and her children suffered at the hands of the Australian government, even after she escaped and nearly died the first…

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