Internalized Oppression

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Mile 673

In reading Mullally’s chapter, “Internalized Oppression and Domination,” I was surprised to realize how some of my own behavior and thoughts reflect internalized oppression as a cisgender woman. On the first day of class, we did an exercise where people stepped into the circle if their thoughts, actions, or experiences corresponded with the statement read aloud. One of the statements was, “I am surprised when I see female CEOs,” and I stepped forward. In the moment, I did not consider why I thought this or what that meant for me. After reading this chapter, I am understanding that I have unconsciously internalized the dominant belief that women are inferior to men in the professional world. Feeling uncomfortable with public speaking and expressing my viewpoints in front of men (but feeling fine and confident in front of women) is another example. Because of this, I have always leaned toward jobs and…

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