SW 504 Week 2

September 12, 2017

The imperative of theory

This week the readings and our discussions will be about theory and why it is important for social work.  Please read chapter 1 of the Mullally text and the two readings below on decolonization.

Here are the readings for this week:

Challenging Oppression and Confronting Privilege – SECOND Edition – Ch. 1 pp. 1-33



SW 504 week 2 (slides)

These are both dense articles and I would expect that it will take you more than one reading for each of them.

Also, watch Module 1 What is Culture in EdX and Module 2 What is Theory? and Theory in Action

I would like you to think about the following questions:

  • Why is theory important in a course on diversity and social justice and how might these be applied in your social work practice?
  • We have all been colonized through our education and the influence of our social environment.  Even our participation in this course and work with the university can be seen as participating in a colonial system – what are some things that stand out to you in your social environments, e.g. family, work, school, communities, institutions that are unsettling now that you think about them.   Tell us what it was and how it impacts/ed you.
  • What was a major learning for you this week?

Group 1

Take some time to post your reflections using these questions and other thoughts you had during the readings on your blogs.  Please have it posted by 9/9.
You should also read and comment on 2 classmates’ posting on this topic by 9/12.

Groups 2-4

Those individuals not writing blogs, you come prepared to respond to these questions in class.  However, you are free to blog on any topic you would like for your own learning.