SW 504 Week 13

November 28, 2017

Popular Education

This week’s readings focus on popular education as a social justice intervention.  Please read the following and be prepared to discuss the following readings.

Freire – Ch. 1 and 2

Popular education for health promotion Health Promot. Int.-2012-Wiggins-356-71

Chang et al 2012 CH 14 Popular Education Participatory reseach in Chinatown

Just Associates – Revisioning and Using Popular Education

Questions for your blog:

Discuss why popular education may be useful as an anti-oppressive strategy

Can you give examples where popular education is or could be used in social work practice?

How would you assess yourself as a popular educator?  What qualities do you possess that would be useful?  What qualities do you need to further develop?

Powerpoint slides:

SW 502 Popular Education

SW 504 Photovoice