SW 504 Week 6

October 10, 2017

This week we are looking at how systems and groups (social workers, included) have been complicit in processes of colonization and oppression. Please begin by reading Chapter 5 of the Mullally text.

Our focus for the week is the Stolen Generations in Australia.

The move is entitled “Rabbit Proof Fence.”  You can find it on Netflix and Amazon Video, and you can also find it on YouTube.
(It is not the best quality, so I would encourage you to watch it on Netflix, Amazon Video, or find a copy at a library or elsewhere online if you don’t have a membership to Netflix.)


After reading and watching about the stolen generations, I would like for you to reflect upon and respond to the following on your blog:

  • What is your overall reaction to the film?  Did you previously know about the Stolen Generations?
  • The concept of the Stolen Generations is still controversial in Australia.  Some Australians deny the idea, while others recognize it and agree that these children and their families suffered greatly.  Why do you think people deny this?
  • What do you think has been the impact on the Aboriginal community in Australia?  Do you think it is something that should still be discussed today?
  • What are examples of structural oppression which you can cite in our society today?

Please read the following websites additional insight:

History of the Stolen Generations

Stories of the Stolen Generation

If you would like more information on the Stolen Generations:

Reconciliation Australia

Stolen Generations Testimonies