SW 504 Week 8

October 24, 2017

This week, please read Chapter 6 of the Mullally text and watch the video linked below.   The video is by Dr. Manu Meyer, a Native Hawaiian scholar, and is focused on epistemology – otherwise known as the theory of knowledge, and sometimes referred to as a worldview.

Dr. Manu Meyer

After watching it, I’d like you to think about the following things:

  • How have you learned what you have learned?  Where does your knowledge come from?
  • How do you think your western education has impacted your knowledge and how you learn?
  • Have you gained knowledge in non-western ways?  What did you learn and how?
  • How important might place-based knowledge be to the practice of social work?
  • What does Dr. Meyer’s talk have to do with internalized oppression discussed in Mullally?