“Microaggressions are real”

Estoy Empoderada


After reading both pieces on microaggressions, I immediately thought about my graduation commencement speech (April 2016) by Michael Bloomberg. I distinctly remember Bloomberg saying “Microaggressions aren’t real.” And a fellow graduate from our class candidly shouting “F**k you.” Bloomberg undoubtedly received a lot of negative commentary from students. It was one of those moments when you thought, “wow, I thought he was one of the good ones.”

I wonder what Bloomberg would think if he read “Microaggressions: What can I do about them?” ? It was evident from his speech that he was not stating that marginalized identities need to “quit complaining,” but rather that he completely missed the point about microaggressions. Bloomberg is very much a Democrat and “liberal.” However, he is also, a wealthy, well-known, white, privileged, male. I assume that Bloomberg said that microaggressions “weren’t real” and safe spaces “were dangerous” because he has…

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