Week 4a: We are who we need.

An outstanding new blog from Sar ginen Guåhan! Mahalo Sar for sharing your passion and emotion to the subject of decolonizing social work practice!


Meyer quotes many other kumu and
practitioners in her article – were there any quotes that resonated with you
and why?

Two quotes particularly
resonated with me.

The first quote was in theme
one, Spirituality and Knowledge: The Cultural Contexts of Knowledge

really deeply connected to my mother and ancestors and all the Hawaiians that
came before us. And in me I have some of that cellular, molecular structure and
memory of long ago. How comforting!”
(Ho‘oipo DeCambra, 8 March 1997)

loved this particular quote given the context of the readings and reflections
of indigenous epistemology. It came at the right timing. This quote resonated
with me and it reminded me of something important.

If I
stop judging my “credibility” or “quantifications” as an indigenous person,
this quote is exactly what I would say to myself and something I would truly
embrace. Except it would be in the…

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