Reflections on MLK

A wonderful MLK Day post from one of my students!

A Purposeful Journey

When I first moved to Michigan, as I was finding my place in Ann Arbor and Detroit, a friend recommended the book Why We Can’t Wait by MLK. My friend, her husband, their four kids and dog all moved to a home in a neighborhood off of Livernois to live out their mission and dream of working in inner-cities. They’ve been living in this house for a few years now and are learning daily what it means to give themselves fully and unconditionally to loving their neighbor- regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, spiritual, and racial differences. The voice of MLK has provided the historical perspective for them to understand what has been fought for, and perhaps what work has yet to be done.

I was thinking a lot about the book as I participated in a couple of events on MLK Day. The legacy of MLK was infused with spiritual fervor…

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