The Stolen Generations

From a student in my Decolonizing Social Work course based on the movie Rabbit Proof Fence. Check it out!

I am a White Man

I watched “The Rabbit Proof Fence” about the stolen generations for an assignment this week.  I had known about the intentional destruction of the aboriginal peoples of Australia and Tasmania, but watching the story unfold in film drives home the point so vividly.  I think we as a culture we can more easily write off cultural oppression when we see it as accidental, versus organized annihilation as found in this story, jewish persecution, or Native American massacres at the hands of Europeans.  Stories like this one, however, leave little room for interpretation.  What is also saddening for me is to think of the moral causalities caused by bad science and misplaced faith.  In the earlier parts of the 20th century, eugenics was thought by many to be scientific fact.  Hitler credited part of the Nazi “final solution” to the American eugenics movement.  The children taken against their will, the families…

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