Insider–Outsider reflections from a Native Hawaiian researcher and the use of community-based participatory approaches

This article was the result of a keynote address given in the indigenous community of Yarrabah at the Creating Futures 2015 conference.  Creating Futures is a gathering of scholars, practitioners, and community members in which the populations of interest are Indigenous peoples from Australia, New Zealand and beyond, the residents of Australia’s neighbouring island nations, and people living with and recovering from mental and/or physical illness or disability in remote and tropical areas.

At this conference, I shared my perspectives on conducting community-based, participatory research (CBPR) specifically within the context of being a Native Hawaiian who has not lived in Hawaii for many years working with the Native Hawaiian community. The article speaks to the insider-outsider issues that many of us struggle with when we use community-based participatory approaches.  It also addresses the intersectionality of our multiple identities and encourages self-reflection as central to the process of CBPR.

Spencer, M.S., (2015). Insider-Outsider reflections from a Native Hawaiian researcher and the use of community-based participatory approaches. 23(6 Suppl), Australiasian Psychiatry, 45-47.

Click on the link below to view the full article.


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